Going digital a bit…

After a while of having to take rest due to an accident I got in started to pick up a bit my creative hobbies. Painting is not possible at the moment, so trying to do some photography.

On my Google + you can also find more photos taken last years. These are the ones taken lately in the zoo that we visited. Trying to do some more photo editing work and try to get some skills in that. Some other great trips are planned already so time to get the creative juices flowing!

Hopefully I can get back soon to the painting and post some updates on that. For now it is just going to be digital creativity here…

I must say that next to a full time job it is all much to manage, and trying to get back on my feet for the last few months after the accident.

In that time my husband and I have launched our site about Whisky Speller. Next to that also still maintaining our own blogs about our tasting notes. But teaching our selfs also how to write, and just go outside and visit places and meet people.

All my hobbies flow in to each other I notice. The one gives me motivation and energy for the other. Time has past by very fast last year and a lot has happened.

No excuse for not letting you know what I am up to, I know… Very glad that I can feel the creative urges again, and doing something again with it. You know of writers that they can have a writers block? Well, that was the thing with me and painting. Luckily the paint is very patience.

 Just having fun with discovering other skill sets, exploring  the world and all the things in there. No worries, still alive and kicking and going to make some more action here, so you all know what I am up to next to the whisky…

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