What challenge do you give me?

With the current photography #UrbanGeometry and #AnimalPortrait projects slowly nearing the end I was thinking to myself what to do next after these are over? I will not stop making photos like that for sure, but maybe it is time for something different at Ansgar Artwork? Or do you want more of what you have been seeing the last year? Loads of creative choices out there so your opinions are needed to decide! People on Twitter recently voted for the choices below and this what they said…

36% – Lets go black & white!
43% – Get closer and macro!
7%   – Loads of Urban Objects!
14% – More #UrbanGeometry!

What would your preferred choice be for my next photo project?


2 thoughts on “What challenge do you give me?

  1. Ansgar Post author

    Thanks for voting all! It gives me a good picture of what you like to see, soon I will reveal the new project details here on the website! 🙂


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