#Closer&Closer week 1 – Dark Roast

1. Ansgar Artwork - Photography project 2017 - Dark Roast.jpg

From today on, every week a photo will be posted on the Ansgar Artwork website for the photography project Closer & Closer. In this project my goal lies into photographing objects in a close up or even macro way, adding effects and trying out some different things to push my barriers. Stepping out of my comfortzone and learning along the way.

For the first entry in this project I have chosen to play around with focus. You have seen loads of photos last year from me with urban geometry and details of buildings, so this is something totally different for me, getting up close and personal with small objects instead of large ones.

I wanted to do something with these coffee beans for a while now, but wondered how to photograph them in the best way? How to transfer the lovely smell of coffee through the image to you so to say? It is difficult I found. But photographing food mostly is they tell me. So, do you think I succeeded in capturing the dark roast? I will be trying out some more objects in the food section in the coming year so if you have any remarks, tips or techniques please do not hesitate to let me know, love to hear your feedback.


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