#Closer&Closer week 4 – The Apple

4.0 Ansgar Artwork Photography Project Closer and Closer 2017 - The Apple.jpg

For this weeks photo in the Closer & Closer project I looked around the house for an every day object to photograph. Sitting at the kitchen table eating my breakfast I noticed the bowl of apples sitting there. Green and red round objects, with their own challenges of shadows and focus points. It was decided, this week was going to be around apples!

Struggling a bit at first with how to make this object come alive and how to portrait it in a way that is fitting to the project. Apples with a white or black background, making them float, roll and putting them in every position you can think of. But nothing seemed to ‘pop’ really. The round shape gave me another challenge with lighting to make this shape also come forward on the screen.

I needed something that reflected the object and showed its character. But what is that? After some thinking and moving flashlights all over, to play with shadows, I tried the green apple combination with a dark background. That was a strong combination I found and next step was to add something for that fresh and juicy feel that a green apple has. Spraying it with water added that extra layer of texture to it. Do you think I captured the character of the apple in this way? Love to hear your feedback on this weeks photo!

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