#Closer&Closer week 5 – The Egg

The Egg

The entry for week 5 in the Closer & Closer project was a bit of a challenge to me. Just as last week I looked around the kitchen for every day / normal objects. Preferred to be round due to the round shadow play from last week with the apples I wanted to try photographing some more round shapes. And then I noticed a box of eggs sitting on the kitchen counter…

Ok. Got an object with round shapes to it and an other texture then the apple. So, that is decided. This week is going to be an egg. But, again that challenge, how to make it interesting? How to capture the character of the egg? A small feather was caught in the box before transporting it to the supermarket and an idea grew inside my head. But I needed some more of the feathers. So back to the supermarket and looking through some more boxes for feathers. People must have thought I was going crazy. The things I do for a photo…

After my mission was accomplished it was back into the photo studio with the egg and the collected little feathers. White background did not work so switching very quickly to black for a more dramatic feel to it. And wanting to photograph an egg standing is also a challenge can tell you that!  It took me some time and I played around with the lights to create the texture I was looking for, to make the egg stand out with its sharp shape but to also not loose the soft feeling of the feathers. Very pleased with the end result. What do you think?

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