#Closer&Closer week 12 – Shielded

This is the time that I start working in the vegetable garden outside again, making sure that everything is ready for the new season ahead. Slowly the new green leaves on the herbs are showing themselves, the earlier planted garlic survived the wintery period and is growing beautifully.

Another survivor are some sprout plants. Still providing me from time to time with some small produce, but now almost time to say goodbye to them. Over the last couple of months they stood there, the big leaves protecting each other, shielding it from the cold, and this made me take out my camera into the garden for some playing around trying to capture the structure on them.

So for this weeks Closer & Closer photo I give you a black and white view into my garden… Maybe when everything starts to grow more and more again I will take my camera out again and capture some more. Hope you like the ‘outside of the studio’ work and come back in the next week for more #Closer&Closer work 🙂

If you like my photography work from this project or the recent Urban Geometry or Animal Portraits one, then please do check out the shop on how to purchase your own print!


12.0 Ansgar Artwork Photography Project Closer and Closer 2017 - Shielded.jpg

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