#Closer&Closer week 17 – Swirl

Every morning, before my morning coffee and breakfast, I walk through our little vegetable garden behind our house. Looking closely while moving in a slow pace at the ground and plants. Inspecting, hunting and collecting for the dangerous thing that threatens the garden. Slugs. Snails. Small ones. Big ones. They all need to be captured sadly.

Last year was a terrible garden year and they had a very good time eating all the plants in a fast pace, so this year I have been starting early in the season removing them, hoping that they wont produce any nests and safe some of my garden and with that produce for the coming months. It is a slimy job (especially with slugs) and you have to look very closely, but it is all part of the jobs in the garden I suppose.

But you are not here to hear about my daily hunts but to see the next photo in the Closer & Closer project. Well, seeing these creatures daily up close and personal I am sometimes amazed with the structure, lines and texture that can be found on the shell of the snails. So I decided to capture this on camera and try to create a black & white image to accentuate even more the swirl in the shell and the lines building it up, layer by layer.

Hope you enjoy this weeks photo and  if you like something from my photography work from the Closer&Closer project or the recent Urban Geometry or Animal Portraits one, then please do check out the shop on how to purchase your own print so you can own a limited Ansgar Artwork piece!




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