A different angle…

All what we see is not the only way we can look at things. Stop, look up, look down, left, right, go low, jump, stand on your head. When you have seen all sides that you can see, then you have really looked at it. Or not? Come back and see it again in another time, another light, another day. It will be different.

Captured this on a daily walk, just a normal regular object, one that you dont see anymore, just walk past, and then I looked up and noticed the lines, the symmetry. It made me smile.


Up close and personal

Walking home from work, taking a closer look at the things around me, every day things, filled with textures, colours, lines, structures…. love it…

Sometimes you just have to stop and take a good look at something, take it all in…

A sneak preview…

Recently the first release of the Mythical Series has gone live. A great dram and very cool to see my work displayed on a limited whisky release ☺️

Just released by MMM Mark & Manny’s Malts is the latest Ansgar Artwork piece made specially for the label for the next upcoming release….Here is a sneak previeuw of whats to come..

For the full picture go check out their Facebook page and be sure to keep an eye out for this next release, proud to be working together with them on the Mythical series….


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It never stops…

Even with lock downs, restrictions and every thing else. The creativity never stops, it never will. Kept working on some drawings also. If you follow me on social you might have seen some things coming by from time to time….

For this year a great project also is lined up, combining my art with whisky, see the activity and projects section on the website for some more info. If more info can be shared then I will for sure post it here 🙂 Very proud to be able to work on this great project for sure! Watch this space , soon more on this!


From time to time I have been posting photos on the social media channels showcasing lines, structures and textures, but mainly I have been busy in the studio for clients and not been getting outside very much. It has been a good while due to the worldwide situation that travel and exploring was doable. So time to get the walking shoes back on I think and explore some more areas for my own creative projects …. Watch this space! 🙂