New painting!

I know… it has been a while that I stepped into my studio where some works that I have started working on a good time back were waiting patiently for me… I was waiting for the right inspiration, energy and time, and here it was…

My latest work, I called it dancing. Acrylic on canvas, 50 by 70 cm and available for sale. More information about that can be found in the shop.¬†Hope to get some more painting done soon ūüôā #WatchThisSpacedancing - ansgar artwork - painting 50*70

#Closer&Closer week 6 – Explosion


And this weeks Closer & Closer¬†model is…
A lime!

Yeah, if you already scrolled down you don’t see anything green I hear you thinking. I know, but bare with me, and keep reading please!¬†So, playing¬†around all week with slicing different parts of it and experimenting with light from different angles, getting as close as possible and deciding what part of the object I would focus on. How to make a lime look interesting?

The first results…
I was very happy at first with a shot that showed part of the round outer side of the lime and the inner flesh, but then I noticed that this was most likely to be the most photographed ‘side’ of a lime. A clean shot with good tones of green and white, a light and fresh photo. Just as we know it, nothing wrong with it. But was this creative enough to be an Ansgar Artwork photo? Was this pushing me enough? Nah… so back to the drawing board…

Then I noticed, when slicing up another lime, the lines coming from the core combined with the texture of the flesh. Hmm very interesting! Lets do something with that! So my focus was pointed to the center instead of the outer layers and when I had that sharp shot I put it through editing and that is where the magic really happened!

It is important to have a good photo to start with but so many times I find that people underestimate the value of the editing proces. It is not just an activity where you can adjust colors and apply filters. It is far from that! For me it is the last creative stage of the photography proces really. One does not happen without the other. And often it takes longer then taking the shot it self. It is just as with painting, it takes layers of paint applied in different stages and loads of patience.

When working on this photo I noticed an explosion appearing on my screen, with all kind of depth, motion, structure and warm tones in it! It came alive and showed me more the typical strong citrus flavour then the green original did. That is more like it I thought to myself, getting happy about this and decided to go down this path some more and ended up with the abstract view you see below of an explosion of lime…

Explosion of Lime

Classic or Abstract?
What do you think? Like the something different then the more ‘classic’ shots out there? Or is this too abstract of a lime representation? If you think I have gone mad, just tell me, would love to hear your feedback on it…

Oh yeah, before I forget! If you like my photography work from this project or the recent Urban Geometry or Animal Portraits¬†one, then please do check out the shop on how to purchase your own print! Different sizes available for a limited print at very decent prices if I say so myself ūüôā


#Closer&Closer week 4 – The Apple

4.0 Ansgar Artwork Photography Project Closer and Closer 2017 - The Apple.jpg

For this weeks photo in the Closer & Closer project I looked around the house for an every day object to photograph. Sitting at the kitchen table eating my breakfast I noticed the bowl of apples sitting there. Green and red round objects, with their own challenges of shadows and focus points. It was decided, this week was going to be around apples!

Struggling a bit at first with how to make this object come alive and how to portrait it in a way that is fitting to the project. Apples with a white or black background, making them float, roll and putting them in every position you can think of. But nothing seemed to ‘pop’ really. The round shape gave me another challenge with lighting to make this shape also come forward on the screen.

I needed something that reflected the object and showed its character. But what is that? After some thinking and moving flashlights all over, to play with shadows, I tried the green apple combination with a dark background. That was a strong combination I found and next step was to add something for that fresh and juicy feel that a green apple has. Spraying it with water added that extra layer of texture to it. Do you think I captured the character of the apple in this way? Love to hear your feedback on this weeks photo!

Like my photography work from this project or the recent Urban Geometry or Animal Portraits? Then check out the shop on how to purchase your own print!


Is this the end…?

The end of the year approaching and so it was also time this morning to post the last photo of the Urban Geometry photography project. A year has passed since I decided to post 1 photo a day, something that was different from the others, not sliding back into a comfortzone of similar line play, but searching for that other angle in buildings and objects. It has been sometimes hard to find these unique ones and on other occasions a city did not stopped giving me good locations with my memory cards running full very fast. It sounded easy a year a go, post one photo each day.

But it is not only getting outside to search for the photo but the time that goes into editing was a thing that slipped my mind. Hard work, but it thought me a lot over the last year about photography, architecture, editing and myself. Pushing my limits every time. Sometimes wondering what the hell did I get myself into with this project and in other moments looking back and only feeling proud of the results, seeing myself grow through the photos.

The leap year gave me one extra day to fill, so the 365 became 366, and when December was coming closer the question rose what then…? Simple. A new challenge for myself, a new project. Now to pick a subject. I have started this year also an animal portraits project something totally different then photographing buildings and that has challenged me to work with living creatures that move and don’t always cooperate to capture their unique side and personality with the camera.

I just could not decided on a new theme, help from you all was needed. I asked on Twitter and Facebook what it was that you all would like to see. Am I doing more black & white, or getting closer or even macro? Do you want to see urban objects or should I just continue with #UrbanGeometry as I now have done? The results were close to each other. Black and white together with close up/macro seemed to have won, but the urban geometry also came back strong in the end.

So, what will be next? I will not abandon my love for lines, structures and architecture. So more urban geometry will be passing by from time to time, this is also the case for the animal portraits. So much more still to learn there, I am not done. But those will not be bound anymore by the restrictions set of the projects.

As a project close up and macro will be my next challenge. Sounds easy does it not? Well, I want to play more with effects and lighting so this will be a learning curve again, always keep challenging your self. From buildings and a distance I need to get up close and personal. I will look for the black & white more then I have done before and if I can combine this all with some good geometry then I will not leave a chance to show you that. Will it be daily? No. With my current study and desires to pick that brush up again and paint it will be a big challenge so the daily will become weekly, starting the 1st of January 2017.

Want to see the complete works of the projects in the meantime? Check out #UrbanGeometry and #AnimalPortrait for an overview. I have been playing with the idea of creating a photo book of the urban geometry and will be building that this month with the project done. If you are interested in buying one, please let me know…


Exhibition ‘t Kunstuus "Captured in Paint"

From 16/05/2012 – 09/06/2012 I will have an exhibition in the artgallery ‘t Kunstuus in Heinkenszand (NL) together with Dimitri Cambier. He will display some ceramics works, and I will show some of my paintings. The focus for me in this exhibition will lie in capturing the flow and movement I see in in nature and life, in color and in structure. The lines that you see all day out there, and the processes happening around us, the stages of nature, captured in paint. More info you can find on the artgallery on

‘t Kunstuus
Dorpsstraat 43
4451 BB Heinkenszand
The Netherlands
tel.: +31 (0)113-562996

Opening hours:
Wednesday 13-18
Thursday 13-18
Friday 13-18 and 19-21
Saturday 10-12 and 13-16