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Looking for an unique photo print? Now you have the chance to purchase a limited edition, signed, and numbered Ansgar Artwork print on high quality photo paper in different sizes!

Ordering is easy. Step 1. Have a look through the photography project menu, pick one you would like out of the Urban Geometry, Animal Portraits or Closer and Closer series that you can see hanging on that blank wall in your home or office. Step 2. Check out the pricing and conditions below and step 3 send me a message through the contact form so we can talk about the further details.

Maybe good to know that each photo will only be printed 10 times, not depending on the sizes, just the total amount. In this way you can own a limited edition print. You want something really unique and exclusive? Own a 1 of 1? Inform then please about the special prices and options.

Pricing per limited edition print (1 of 10)

30 cm x 30 cm € 50,-
40 cm x 40 cm € 70,-
50 cm x 50 cm € 90,-
60 cm x 60 cm € 110,-


  • Each print is signed and numbered by Ansgar Artwork
  • Square print format in above mentioned sizes available
  • Postal and shipping costs are not included in the price

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