2016 – Urban Geometry

Project details
Name   Urban Geometry
Start     7/12/2015
End       A year
Goal     Post every day a picture representing the theme “Urban Geometry”Ansgar Artwork is creating a year long, each day, a photo that represents urban geometry and shows lines, structures and compositions found around us all. In this way discovering many different types of architecture and objects and giving another look at the world. It is not restricted to buildings but can also consist of industrial or natural lines found around us in different environments. Restrictions that are set are using a square format, a black frame and the same size every time. It can be colour or black & white that does not matter, but it has to fit in the frame and show some strong lines, structures or compositions. Posted daily at the website of Ansgar Artwork and the different social media platforms attached to Ansgar Artwork. If you know of any sites, cities, buildings that are suitable to photograph please contact Ansgar. Next to the daily feed of posts with photos below there will be a total overview of all the photos in this project displayed.