Besides Ansgar Artwork

Besides these creative outbursts Ansgar is also writing reviews on distilled spirits and is, together with her husband Thomas, writing about their experiences in the world of whisky. Everything about the distilleries they visit, events or tastings they attend and sometimes interviews they have with someone from the industry, a great combination of their love for photography, whisky, writing, traveling and meeting lovely people. This can be found on the website of WhiskySpeller.

Together with Thomas you can also find the creativity reflected in the work they do with their own company 1923 Creative Agency, a blend of Thomas & Ansgar Speller, blended in marriage and our shared creativity. Hands on and practical, camera in one hand, pen and paper in the other, passionate about what we do and willing to share our passions with the world. As a unique team, 1923 Creative Agency can provide a wide range of creative solutions. From product photography, communication, marketing, branding, social media, promotional activities to online and offline events.