photophotoFor many years it has been a passion of Ansgar to photograph and discover lines, structures and compositions and place them in such a way you will look different at the object or building. Lots of inspiration is found in the different types of architecture around us with combination of industrial and natural lines and colours all woven into each other. The photographs are often strong coloured or black and white pictures, that show a high contrast and saturation. This produces a sharp, bit harder set of lines and arrays of colours. Through editing of the photographs often a hidden world of structures and oil like colours appear that she tries to enhance and by that creating different abstract dimensions.

The type of photographs is similar to the way of painting and drawing, that you can see coming together in different ways. Not only urban geometry is a big piece of her photography work, but also things like animals, flowers, nature, macro, events, objects, effects and many other are in the field of attention from time to time.

In the menu you can find a link to the photography portfolio that will show a short selection of images taken through the years. In the separate posts, or project menus, on this website the project developments will be shown.