In making the abstract, colourful and expressive paintings Ansgar is influenced by events and impressions from daily life. Also impressions from nature and the universe, with all their different shapes and colours, play a big role in her work. The focus is primarily on the paintings conveying an image or feeling, by using a combination of structure and vibrant colours. The paintings are made with acrylic paint, combined with various techniques, seeking the challenge of different materials, sometimes with very surprising results. In these structures are different materials, in which sand is one of the main elements. This sand is collected from all over the world by Ansgar herself and admirers of her paintings.

The diversity in the structure of the different types of sand gets every painting something special, which can lead to surprising results. To her great joy everybody sees his or her own image and story in the paintings. You can find yourself that you keep looking at the paintings because at any time of day a very different conception of the painting is discovered. The wet on wet techniques and layers of colourful works often give it an almost silky shine, with seamless colour transitions and a pleasant warmth. This paintings give the suggestion that they are made with oil paint. Through this link you can find a selection of her paintings. This is just a small selection and if you would like to see more, or receive more information on purchasing, events etc please contact Ansgar through the menu on the left.